Most companies need compressed air to power their machines. Digrapack advises on the most suitable compressor according to the needs and uses that customers have. Our compressors are increasingly more efficient, quiet and economical.

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  • Small portable compressor mod. PIPO sound level 68 dBm group F3000 Air sucked 160 l / min 9.6 m3 Capacity reservoir 6 Ltrs dimensions 280 cm X 467 cm X 390 cm weight 10 kg power 1.5 HP 1.1 kW maximum Pressure 8 bar R.P.M 2450 rpm

  • Screw Compressors noise ER / ERD, 5.5 to 20 hp, simple, economic. Electrical box IP54, integrating timed start / delta (excluding 5.5 HP). Puga threaded faucet walk deposit to facilitate pugado condensate.

  • Single-stage compressors with two cylinder head with cast iron cylinder, motor driven, cast aluminum. Transportable on wheels and support delantero.Amplia portencias range and capabilities. High performance electric motor with thermal protection.

  • Compressors Honda gasoline engine. group S-15 Air sucked 275 l / min 16.5 m3  Capacity reservoir 24 Ltrs dimensions 600 cm X 490 cm X 858 cm  weight 35 Kg power 4 HP  maximum Pressure 10 bar R.P.M 1000 rpm

  • CR series rotary compressors The inverter mounted with varying versions offer many advantages over the standard version: Constant pressure in the range of 11 bar 6A The air generated match system requirements. A softer boot that reduces consumption. Constant air outlet between 25% and 100% capacity.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items