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Pneumatic staplers specially designed for the manufacture of mattresses, upholstery and cardboard

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  • Stapler Plier Hd pw 9022 j Stapler PW 9022 J for mattressesThe PW 9022 J is the best machine on the market for the manufacture of mattresses.His speed, robustness and high quality of its parts makes it worthy of the recognition of professionals Mattresses staplers, staples 65 and 779

  • Plier 110 stapler pneumatic for  mattresses and cardboard. DCC 110 stapler plier for mattresses is a machine for the manufacture of mattresses and cardboard boxes. Economic and robust

  • Stapler HR pneumatic. Pneumatic Stapler laptop equipped with a sensitive trigger Stapler developed specially for the oyster, mesh and mattresses.

  • 80 upholstery stapler CART metal nose opening for easy loading. Lower clamp load. Used with small and very manageable design. Expulsion of air from the bottom silencer to avoid damaging work surfaces. It has a silencer. Rubber grip to reduce operator fatigue. Upholstery Stapler

  • Stapler and omega hr automatic fencing and other uses. To fit all kinds of drill Used very quickly = time savings. Omega staple 20 and HR 22. Kilometer Magazine: 50 staples. Ambidextrous magazine, right and left.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items