Steel strapping, polypropylene and polyester for manual and automatic

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  • High quality standard, thanks to the choice of the best raw materials.Constant quality control during the production and testing machine.We have PP strap suitable for: Sealed by friction, heat sealing and sealed with staples.PP Strapping economic packaging. And reinforcement for closing boxes or pallets.

  • PET strap features flex:Tensile strength 400 N / mm ²Its application for: corrugated cardboard, cans, slabs, etc..Child strip section, lower material consumption per cycle strapping, better environmental performance.Significant savings in transport and storage costs.Available coil or pallets.

  • Strapping staple manufacturing. Steel Strapping Staples manuals.Own manufacture of 13 and 16mm enn 1st quality steel smooth or knurled.

  • The Uniflex steel strap has been developed especially to work with tools and machines. The edges of the strip are rounded, and the surface is steely, a fact that ensures safe operation and high voltage. Uniflex the strip has several qualitie

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items