Protection, filling and locking

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Protection, filling and locking
Some products require special protection for shipments not damaged. Digrapack solves protection needs, filling and ...


  • Adaptive foams

    Foam cut to size are a good option to lock and cushion. Solutions with special foam for optimum adaptation and product protection. Cut the pieces to the extent that the product adpta. Through Instapak got foams adapt to the prominence getting unsurpassed protection. Special product measurement designs. Foam protection

  • Plastic bubble and foam

    The bubble and foam talked consists mainly of polyethylene air. These products act as airbags, ie the goods are packaged preventing shock damage certain products. The presentation is usually in rolls, but sheets on request supply of different qualities. Also manufactured with aluminum and metallized plastics widely used as thermal insulation of pallets, etc. in Peacebuilding. Coils bubble and foam plastic bags, and cut to size formats.

  • Paper corrugated

    The kraft paper and corrugated cardboard packaging is primarily used to fill huescos and surface protection product. Its main advantage is that it is biodegradable and recyclable. The presentation is usually in rolls and sheets sdistitos weights. It also is widely used by companies of reforms to avoid damaging the floor.